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THE  UBOGEXITAL ORGANS               £71
No frenuni pra-putii zs present.   Within the lower part of the penis near the point there i* a fuiifor:;: 1-one aLc"t three-quarters of an inch long.    The corpora caverncsa and corpus spongiosurn are in general a? in Man on section, but the former gradually fuse ana the sej between them disappears; they arise  from thr-  j-iii i? and  triangular   ligament   as   in Man.     In the Ğror:;Ia, according    to   the    descriptions   and   illustrations   of Duvernoy  >.53*, the glans penis  is well developed ana appears almost cleft into two portions.   Behind the glans the penis is narrow and tapering.    It contains a si::ai! os penis.    In the Orang the penis is of the same tyre as that of the Chimpanzee, for it has no gians; the lips of the vertical  meatus may be  slightly pouting.    A fine illustration of the penis and its bone is contained in the monograph by Milne-Edwardes i.268).    Fick (247^ and Duvernoy (53) also describe the penis.   In the Gibbons the conditions are different  from those in the higher Simiidae.   There is no prepuce, the glans is naked and the urethra opens on its under surface, thus forming a variety of hypospadias.
The scrotum is absent in the Gibbons, but the testicles are covered by folds of the skin of the anterior abdominal wall. So this is a marked difference from the conditions in the higher Simiidae which possess definite scrotal pouches. The tunics are much as in Man, and the vaginal sacs are identical. It has been pointed out by Pousargues (268) that the tunica vaginalis is shut off from the abdominal cavity in Man and the Chimpanzee, but always communicates with it in the other Apes.
The testis has the same general structure in the Apes and Man, but the corpus Highmorianum is large in the